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School Vision & Mission

Parkallen School's Vision Statement

Fostering engaged, lifelong learners who will have a positive impact on the world.


Parkallen School's Mission

Empowering all students by meeting individual needs to cultivate academic and social growth.  To accomplish this, we will provide leadership, collaboration and meaningful learning opportunities in a dynamic school community.


Another exciting school year will begin for students on Tuesday, September 5th... and we are so looking forward to hearing all about their summer, and to see how much they have grown!
Just a few important details you need to know.  
School Bell Times
Our school bells are virtually the same this year:
8:30am - First bell
8:35am - Instruction begins
10:13am - 10:28am - Recess
11:32am - 12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm - Instruction begins
2:10pm - 2:25pm - Recess
3:30pm - School day ends (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)
*** 2:25pm - School day ends (Thursday, early dismissal) ***
We have had a number of renovation projects over the summer.  Our District's Inclusive Learning Department has moved out of our building to accommodate the yearly expansion of our Chinese Bilingual Program.  We now have a Room 19 in the east hallway of our building.  Our Facilities department will continue to work on other areas vacated by Inclusive Learning to transform former office spaces into classrooms.  As a result we have shuffled a few classrooms around.  Also, we now have new lighting throughout our school with energy saving sensors to turn lights off when not in use.  You will see that our hallways are so much brighter now!!
Entering the School on the First Day
  • Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 students should enter through the Division 1 doors (SouthWest). 
  • Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 students should enter the through the Tarmac doors.
  • Classroom teachers will work with students so they know which doors to enter and exit for the remainder of the school year.
  • The majority of our Opportunity Program students travel by bus and will be met at the front entrance my our staff.  Any Opportunity Program students not taking the bus, will also meet staff at the front entrance.
  • All bus students will be met by our morning supervisors and taken to the appropriate door.
  • A number of school staff members will be outside to help you find rooms and teachers. We will also have a few inside to help people find rooms.
  • remember -- we have switched a few classrooms around to accommodate our new Grade 2 Chinese Bilingual Program classroom.
Lunch Program
Information about our lunch program will be coming home the end of the first week.  We have increased the number of lunchroom supervisors for this year and will send more information to introduce these individuals to you.  All students will eat in their classroom, if they will be staying for lunch.  If not, we ask that students don't return before 12:00pm when our outside supervision begins.  We would encourage students not to bring items for "heat up" as it takes a fair amount of time away from their eating time.  A thermos is a great way to send hot items with your child.  Staff will gladly help students open items that they are unable to on their own.
New Administrative Assistant & Class Lists
Mrs Ramirez retired over the summer after more than 20 years at Parkallen School, and is likely traveling the world at this point.  We wish her well in all she chooses to do.  Please help us welcome Ms Carla Dubetz (Ms C) to our front office.  She has been working exceptionally hard over the past few days entering all of our students into our student management systems and is getting closer, and closer to finishing!  But is does take a tremendous amount of time, especially when she does not know our students (and teachers) yet.
We have been receiving a number of new student registrations, so we continue to work on placing students in the best learning groups possible as decided by classroom teachers, and getting all students into our system.  In the past, Parkallen School has put class lists up on the first day of school.  This is consistent with many of our District schools, including our Catchment partner schools that have more than one class per grade (like Belgravia School).  We will continue to monitor registrations on Friday to determine if we can release lists earlier on SchoolZone, but if not, lists will be available at all west (Main) and south school entrances on Tuesday, September 5th morning.
Staff Update
A quick staffing update.  Ms Planden continues to be on leave until at least January, and as a result,  Ms Teresa Krohman has been brought on-board to take over in her place.  Ms Krohman will partner with Ms Bentum as a teaching duo.  Please help us welcome Ms Krohman to our team!
School Supplies
If you are still shopping for school supplies, you can find Supply Lists on SchoolZone, as well as on our school website. (parkallen.epsb.ca). You will need to click on "For Parents" and "Registration" to find them.
Have a great long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday, September 5th at 8:30am.  We will all be awaiting your arrival!