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Clubs & Activities

Choir and ORFF Ensemble:  Choir membership is open to students in grades 3 to 6.  The ORFF Ensemble provides students in grades 4 to 6 the opportunity to further develop their musical talents through singing, movement, and playing instruments.

Intramurals:  Various intramural activities are held for students throughout the winter months.

Running Club:  Parent volunteers help organize and coach our popular running club, beginning with the outdoor season in the fall and the indoor season which starts after Christmas. Practices are held after school and the Running Club takes part in regular competitions with other schools throughout the year.

Drama Club:  Drama Club is an opportunity for students in grades 4 to 6 to develop public speaking, performance and theatre production skills.  The group produces at least two plays a year.

Student Council:  Student council is a group of grade 5 and 6 students who organize various school activities and fundraisers that benefit the school population and many charities.  All members work together to promote school pride and participation in special events.

Reading Club:   Reading Club gathers in the library where a love of reading is shared amongst booklovers.

Art Club:  Art Club allows budding artists to practice and hone their craft using various artistic media.

Green Thumb Gardening Club:  Students take part in various gardening activities, during winter months using grow lights and in warmer months outside in our many gardens.

Photography Club:  Students learn how to use a digital camera to take great pictures. Student photographers take pictures at school events to help record the life of our school.

Lego Club: Students in the Lego Club develop their skills to build and create objects using various Lego pieces. 

Computer Science Club: Students develop skills and have experiences learning about computer coding. A final project of "Hour of Code" will take place during the last class of our club in December to coincide with the International "Hour of Code" event.

Club Francais - A club to discuss French Language, Culture, and Traditions in a fun atmosphere. French Club meets on Thursdays from 12:00 -12:30 from October 15, to February 18 in Room 10.


Special Events

Our learning and community spirit are enhanced by Special Events. These can be evening social events or a learning focus we share school-wide for a day or a week. Some involve our parents and community; others include special guests to share their expertise. These are some of the events we have at Parkallen:

  1. Fall Social- Parents and staff collaboratively plan a family event that includes a Barbecue or potluck meal, enhanced by student activities and games, and perhaps a special celebration. It is a great chance to re-connect and to meet new friends and neighbours.  

  2. Read In Week-The first week of October we invite our parents and community in to share their favourite stories and celebrate a love of Reading.

  3. Christmas Concert- All our students participate in this special performance that celebrates Christmas and other cultural celebrations from around the world.

  4. Indigenous Winter Festival-Our children have a chance to learn about and celebrate Aboriginal culture through crafts, games, artifacts, and story-telling. We are pleased to welcome in special guests from the FNMI community to teach us and share their wisdom. (Above Picture)

  5. Career Pathways Week-We will invite the community in during a week in April to build awareness of many different careers, and the many possible pathways children can experience on their way to a life of dignity and contribution. 

  6. Artists in Residence- Every second year, the Parkallen Parents’ Association (PPA) helps to fund an Artist in Residence so that every child gets to participate in a creative learning experience. Some recent guest have included Donna Boomer making masks, and Concrete Theatre helping every class prepare a play. 

  7. Family Dance- In the spring, the parents plan a family dance with an engaging theme. We have great music, costume contests, treats, games and a chance to re-connect with friends and neighbours. A popular spring event.

  8. School Fun Day- Once or twice at the end of the year, children gather in cross-graded or class groups and travel through many stations to play games, build towers out of boxes and race with diverse and interesting objects! A fun and active day in the sun.