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Student Services

Teachers conduct regular assessments to develop understanding of their students’ strengths, interests and areas of need. Where student needs go beyond what the teacher can readily assess and program for, we access additional specialized support through Inclusive Learning Services (ILS) and Alberta Health Services (RCSD) in the areas of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language, Mental Health, English as a Second Language, Educational Psychology and Academic Assessments. We are grateful to these professional colleagues who work with our students and help develop our capacity as a staff to meet students’ learning needs.


Vista Reading Support

At the teacher's recommendation, students in grade 1 are identified who could benefit from some targeted one-on-one adult support in literacy. Volunteers are recruited who can come in and work with one student two days per week for half an hour each time. We work with a reading specialist to develop a personalized program for each child to enhance their literacy skills. Children make excellent progress with this intervention.