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Special Events

Our learning and community spirit are enhanced by Special Events. These can be evening social events or a learning focus we share school-wide for a day or a week. Some involve our parents and community; others include special guests to share their expertise. These are some of the events we have at Parkallen:

  1. Fall Social- Parents and staff collaboratively plan a family event that includes a Barbecue or potluck meal, enhanced by student activities and games, and perhaps a special celebration. It is a great chance to re-connect and to meet new friends and neighbours.  

  2. Read In Week-The first week of October we invite our parents and community in to share their favourite stories and celebrate a love of Reading.

  3. Christmas Concert- All our students participate in this special performance that celebrates Christmas and other cultural celebrations from around the world.

  4. Indigenous Winter Festival-Our children have a chance to learn about and celebrate Aboriginal culture through crafts, games, artifacts, and story-telling. We are pleased to welcome in special guests from the FNMI community to teach us and share their wisdom. (Above Picture)

  5. Career Pathways Week-We will invite the community in during a week in April to build awareness of many different careers, and the many possible pathways children can experience on their way to a life of dignity and contribution. 

  6. Artists in Residence- Every second year, the Parkallen Parents’ Association (PPA) helps to fund an Artist in Residence so that every child gets to participate in a creative learning experience. Some recent guest have included Donna Boomer making masks, and Concrete Theatre helping every class prepare a play. 

  7. Family Dance- In the spring, the parents plan a family dance with an engaging theme. We have great music, costume contests, treats, games and a chance to re-connect with friends and neighbours. A popular spring event.

  8. School Fun Day- Once or twice at the end of the year, children gather in cross-graded or class groups and travel through many stations to play games, build towers out of boxes and race with diverse and interesting objects! A fun and active day in the sun.