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School Profile

Parkallen School opened in 1952, situated in the midst of the bustling Parkallen neighbourhood, which was designed to resemble an English village. This central green space also contains the Community hall, “the forest”, a community garden and several sports fields. The school opened with 416 students from grades 1 - 9, and has welcomed as many as 774 students at it’s peak in 1956, and as few as 125 students in 1989. For the last several years we have hovered around 230 students. Our school has seen many changes as the enrolment fluctuated. The junior high closed in 1974. Although we both started as 1 - 9 schools, Allendale has now become the dedicated junior high in the area, while we are the designated elementary school for both neighbourhoods. The Waldorf program came and went. Over the years we have had many tenants including our current YMCA daycare and the Green Circle Preschool.

In the Fall of 2015, we wecomed students into a new site for the Chinese (Mandarin) Bilingual Program. This program is in great demand, as we become the sixth elementary school in the city to have this language program. It relieves some of the pressure for student spaces in other full schools in the Southwest, and brings with it long-term sustainability to the school. it is a win-win for everyone.

Throughout the years, we have enjoyed strong community support and involvement. Hardworking teachers and dedicated families continue to make Parkallen a great place to be, where we can all grow as learners and leaders, and be our best together.



Parkallen School

Parkallen Photographic Journey through our School
  • Front View Entrance

  • Front Entrance

  • Common Learning Space (Large Lunch Room)

  • Indoor Garden

  • Small Common Room (Art Room)

  • School Gym

  • School Library

  • School Library

  • School Entrance

  • School Office

  • Parkallen School Song

  • School Court Yard Entrance

  • Music Room

  • Music Room

  • Division I Hallway

  • Division II Hallway from Music Room

  • Hallway to Room 16, 17, Green Circle & YMCA

  • Hallway to Room 16, 17, Green Circle & YMCA